More cheating at the Beijing Olympics

Interesting to see that a hacker has apparently uncovered some skulduggery and cheating at the Olympics.

And guess what, it's the host nation that's alleged to have cheated.

Surely not? This isn't the same country that faked most of the opening firework display and subbed out a child singer 'cos she wasn't pretty enough, but still used her voice?

Anyway, I digress, as the New York Times says that some of the Chinese athletes are underage, according to online records.

"Online records listing Chinese gymnasts and their ages that were posted on official Web sites in China, along with ages given in the official Chinese news media, however, seem to contradict the passport information, indicating that He (Kexin) and Jiang (Yuyuan) may be as young as 14 - two years below the Olympic limit,"
says the NYT.

The Associated Press has confirmed the NYT story, noting that the first competitor was aged 13 some nine months before the Olympics were due to start.

The Associated Press is quoted as saying it saved a copy of the relevant Web page - which, curiously enough, went off line later in the day that it asked the Chinese for their comments.

How strange -Ed.

The story would be amusing, if it didn't involve cheating in the most prestigious athletics competition in the world.

I wonder how big a carpet the IOC is going to need to sweep this pile of doo-doo under?...