Nehalem Integrates “Turbo Boost” For Better Efficiency, Says Intel

Company’s Senior VP, Pat Gelsinger elaborated the “turbo mode” of its new 45 nm processors that helps in increasing the efficiency of the chip without dissipating energy in form of heat.

Nehalem series is designed to meet the requirements of energy efficiency with reduced power consumption; further, it also aims in improving the memory bandwidth and hyperthreading.

Nehalem is born out of the famous “tick-tock” strategy of the company, which includes the introduction of the new process technology, followed by new micro-architecture.

The processors seem to have a wide application in Atom based desktops, popularly termed as “nettops”, which are currently being powered by Atom N230 processors; additionally, the processors also expected to appear in mobile devices very soon.

Gelsinger described Nehalem as the most dynamically scalable architecture of the chip industry that will remarkably help in developing the future cores.

Mentioning the company’s strong position Gelsinger said, “The only records left to beat are our own.”