VMware Links With Microsoft’s Virtualization Support Program

After the much-touted virtualization battle, VMware has finally become a member of Server Virtualization Validation Program (SVVP) from Microsoft.

The decision is reportedly taken after the software giant moderated the software licensing rules for virtualization systems, in wake to support the growth of the virtualization market; further, the company also upgraded its technical support for the companies, which helps in easy installation of applications on Microsoft Hyper-V or any other virtualised platform including, Sun, Cisco, Citrix, Novell, and Virtual Iron.

Carl Eschenbach, Executive VP of worldwide field operations for VMware said, “VMware is proud to be a part of SVVP”, and stated that the move would help the company in attaining complete certification for its ESX under the SVVP program.

ESX is one of the hypervisors from VMware, and previously, it requires Microsoft’s certification for the organizations looking forward to use this virtualised platform.

Eschenbach further added that VMware is working together with Microsoft and other ISVs to ensure high support level for its customers.