Apple Faces Legal Action Over iPhone 3G Reception Anomalies

A woman from Alabama has filed a lawsuit against Apple, for not keeping the promise of delivering high speed data transfer.

Apple’s 3G iPhone advertisement depicts that the device deliver ‘twice as much’ the speed for surfing the web, or downloading the e-mail attachments, than the first generation mobile phones.

Jessica Alena Smith has filed a 10-page complaint against the iPhone manufacturer in US District Court in Alabama, and she is seeking a class action from the authorities, as the lower speeds could potentially harm its millions of users of the phone.

Smith claimed that her emails, SMS, and other data connections are slower than the anticipated speeds, and all these operations are taking 25 percent more time than what has been proclaimed by the company.

Smith is asking replacement for all the defective handsets from the company; further, she also demands compensation for the damages incurred, and the attorney fees.

However, Apple has already released its ‘2.0.2 software update for the iPhone’, which is said to improve connectivity with 3G networks.