British law firms revs up for file-sharing prosecutions

Although most of the newswires seem to have overlooked it, it seems that a group of gaming software firms, including Atari, Codemasters and Topware Interactive, have hired Davenport Lyons, a UK law firm, to start proceedings against 7,000 peeps for illegal file-sharing.

According to the Betanews service, the firm has been working with Logistep, a Swiss company, to identify the IP addresses and other information, including the ISP, of a number of people known to be file-sharing online.

Now it seems the law firm is petitioning the High Court to get the names and addresses of the punters concerned from their ISPs.

Betanews says that, as well as prosecuting 7,000 Netters, it will also ask a further 25,000 punters to either pay a 300 quid fine or face a lawsuit, with around 500 punters expected to form the first wave of court appearances.

According to TorrentFreak, the law firm is picking on people who have failed to file a defence, meaning they get default judgements in the cases. So far, Davenport Lyons has gained four judgements in his way.

What's interesting, though, is that it seems that, if you file a response to the law firms' letter, nothing else happens.

Ah the joy of scare tactics...