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Document Management: Know your way out of the maze

The vendor community should consider how to differentiate their document management technology and service provision for the channel.

There are a core set of functions that each and every vendor has to have within their offering in order to constitute conformance to document management and workflow management systems.

Beyond those core functions, other essential differences would centre on the architecture, the ability to scale their solution, ease of use and a good interface capability. In addition I would want to know

about the actual cost of ownership and how quickly it can be deployed.

Importantly, the main vendors should be offering a platform for a solution and not an 'out of the box' solution (opens in new tab), unless it is for really basic requirements.

End user solutions are supplied either by the professional services function of the main vendor, a systems integrator or a specific partner with an industry specific product or solution.

Overall, the trend by vendors has been to increase the level of API access to their respective platforms for solution providers to define the ultimate solution.

Oceanus is a systems integrator and customer management specialist; providing comprehensive document and case management solutions for customer acquisition and customer service environments in Consumer Finance, Telco's and Utility companies.