Intel Displays Wireless Transfer Of Electric Power

Intel has demonstrated its capability of transferring power wirelessly, in its Intel Developers Forum in San Francisco.

The chip giant has showed the glimpse of future, when we need not to get entangled into plexus of wires for recharging our laptops, cellphones, and other electronic devices.

The researchers illustrated this by illuminating a 60-watt bulb, with energy source placed three feet away from the bulb; moreover, the transference was done with high efficiency of 75 percent.

The technology is based on the last year’s research work of scholars - popularly termed as “resonant induction” - from the Massachusetts Institute of technology.

Unlike Wi-Fi technology, wireless power transference requires strongly coupled resonators to transfer the energy from the energy source to a particular device, and it causes no harm to humans falling in between the transmitter and receiver, Intel’s researcher, Alanson Sample stated.

Wireless power has been on the keynote of the Intel’s CTO Justin Rattner, who also displayed company’s progress in robotics, and “programmable matter”.