The Credit Crunch: Is new technology the answer to saving the environment?

The credit crunch may be a bad thing in many, many ways and we may all be suffering in one way or another, but in one fairly significant way, it is actually good for the environment.

It is impossible to escape the fact that the more power we use, the more CO2 we produce. It is equally impossible to escape the fact that CO2 is bad for the environment.

The rising cost of electricity is going to drive data centre operators to look for ways to save money and this means that they will (if they are sensible) be looking at every aspect of their data centre to try to save money.

Reducing the power used by using more efficient technology, whether in supporting plant infrastructure or in the IT itself, is a good way of saving money.

Equally it is good for the environment as less fuel will be used and therefore less

CO2 produced.

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