Benefits of using the reseller channel – What is the industry perception?

The perception is held by more than one community, vendors themselves understand that they have to be clear as to whether they are a partner sales driven organisation, a direct selling organisation or a 'hybrid' selling organisation, and then structure their business accordingly. i.e., it becomes very difficult for a sales person to be competent in all the disciplines required!

The customer community has taken a long while to become comfortable with the reseller channel or 'enabling network' and the majority of concerns used to come down to the financial stability of the 3rd party or their perceived 'added value'.

Trading history, reference accounts and more recently 'thought leadership' have become must have areas of competence. The middlemen or integrator community, have also come to realise that, 'products' that are provided by specialist partners have become increasingly sophisticated and it is more prudent to use products than build bespoke solutions.

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