Firefox 3.1 Promises Massive Speeds Boost Thanks To Javascript Tweak

After the record launch of the advanced version of the web browser, Firefox 3.0, Mozilla is focusing hard to turn its browser into the default application for most of the web users, and in the same quest the company aims to increase the operating speed of various web-based applications, such as G-mail, with its new feature, named TraceMonkey.

The TraceMonkey project is still in its nascent stage, and is said to improve the operating speed, by redefining the JavaScript performance of the application, by fetching the native code speed to JavaScript.

Mike Shaver, Mozilla’s VP of engineering have stated that the new application would double the speed of the browser, and thereby tendering a swift browsing experience to its users, further, it would extend the capabilities of JavaScript to image editing and 3D graphics.

The feature will be available with the first test release of the browser, which is said to appear during the end of the year, with Mozilla’s Beta Firefox 3.1 software.

You can always download the latest version of Firefox here (at your own risk though).