Good news: A new Palm Smartphone is launched

After waiting over a year and a half for a new professional Palm handset (Centro does not make the grade) the Palm Treo Pro has most of the features that businesses need.

Tri band HSDPA, Quad band GSM, GPS and WiFi Palm has now matched their competitors. Also if the 320 by 320 pixel screen is anything like their usual one from the 650/680 then it will be very pleasant to view.

Downsides are few. Palm is so late with this handset that companies have moved on to other vendors, particularly Apple and HTC. Also the square screen size will be problematic to some third party applications.

I sincerely hope that Palm can halt their slide and use the Pro as the foundation to build a resurgent business.

iPhone 3G feature wish for the day

The headset Bluetooth profile is the only one the iPhone supports yet even that limited capability is stymied by the absence of voice dialling.