Home Office Lost One Laptop or Phone per Month on Average In Three Years

Frequent data losses seems to be a daily cup of tea for UK government, as just few months after losing crucial details about the beneficiaries of Britain’s child benefit programme, the UK authorities have again lost an important USB drive containing the details of the several thousands of criminals of England and Wales.

Britain’s Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith has proclaimed that a USB drive comprising details of as many as 84,000 prisoners has went missing from the respective department.

The mishandling of IT equipment has resulted in the loss of 43 laptops, and 94 mobile phones from various departments of the government, over the past three years, UK’s Home Department stated; however, the department also asserted that the stolen laptops didn’t contain any sensitive information.

Further, the department has also mentioned the soaring evidences of data losses during the past decade, and stated that the government has mislaid around 600 laptops in the same period.

These evidences have raged serious questions about government’s imprudent attitude in handling IT related issues, and have called for a dire need for revamping the entire procedure for securing vital data.