Looking At A different approach to AJAX / Silverlight front-ends

While AJAX / Silverlight front-ends' trend is towards empowering the client (browser) with more capabilities, there might be a market for a server based computing approach called the 'Web like desktop'.

This approach was formed to re-empower the server with service consumption and processing, whereas the client remains with human interaction.

This allows offering inherent benefits for enterprise applications.

The 'Web like desktop' approach enables developers to make better use of existing assets, knowledge and experience rather than requiring the steep learning curve of AJAX or Silverlight.

This allows desktop development productivity levels as well as the use of server side controls that manifest themselves as AJAX controls on the browser in run-time.

In addition the system is extremely extensible allowing additional controls, skin changes, composite controls and gateway components creation and Expression Blend capabilities.

It also provides additional measures of security and control which is not available on browser based solutions on top of de-coupled side by side presentation layers.

Gizmox is the company behind Visual WebGui which brings AJAX & Silverlight to enterprises with unprecedented ROI for creating & deploying enterprise level 'web like desktop' applications on the web.