Nvidia To Work More Closely With VIA Says CEO Jen-Hsun Huang

In what appears to be an ever shrinking musical chair party, Graphics Chip manufacturer Nvidia has signalled its commitment to VIA's Nano platform, in effect putting its weight behind the only other x86 alternative on the market.

Speaking at the Nvision 2008, its First Visual Computing forum, Nvidia's CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has issued what happens to be the company's clearest statement as to its burgeoning collaboration with Taiwanese firm VIA, which produces x86 compatible microprocessors, chipsets and video chips as well (although they are no match for either ATI or Nvidia).

"The Nano is a really terrific CPU. And you put Nano with GeForce together and everything works: Blu-Ray, DX 10, games - it's low cost, it consumes very little power, it's unbelievable!"

"We're so excited about it," he added enthusiastically, "that we're going to optimise all our software for Nano and carry out compatibility testing for all Nano platforms. So any time you have a Nano platform, you can put a GeForce in it and it'll just work."

Taking this stance means that he did not dismiss the x86 platform of rivals AMD and Intel; instead, he marched on saying that Intel's Larabee proves that GPU computing is "really important".

Huang also said that Nvidia would be focusing even more intensely on the smartphone market, which he thinks, could be the next big thing.

Nvision 2008 happened a few days after Intel's own Developer Forum but did not see any new product release.