Tesco pay-at-pump system uses no PINs

Driving back through Manchester over the Bank Holiday, I gassed up the car at a local Tesco Express on the main drag out of the city - at 109.9p a litre I was impressed.

I wasn't impressed, though, when I saw a chap drive up, plunk a card into the pump and without using a PIN, pay for his petrol.

Thinking I must have been mistaken, I paid, as usual, in the store and thought nothing of it, until it dawned on me - there was no PINpad at the pump!

Then this morning when I read a report on The Times Online site, asserting that around one in ten of the supermarket chain's petrol stations don't use Chip and PIN, even though you can "pay at the the pump" at all of them.

Talk about a recipe for fraud.

According to the paper, around 50 Tesco petrol stations out of 430 nationally are open to fraud in this way, although The Times online correctly notes that it's Tesco that is leaving itself open to paying for fraud
itself, in the case of stolen or cloned cards

A spokesman for Apacs said: "One can only imagine that Tesco must be experiencing fraud at these stations. If I were a fraudster, I would be all over it like a rash..."