University Lecturer Wins £110,000 Over Email Embarrassment

An email sent by Manchester's University of Salford Financial Director, Ray Corner, cost the university a stonking £110,000 after the recipient, Dr Tom McMaster, won a court judgement against his former employee.

Dr McMaster claimed a £180 bill for travelling by sea to a conference to cover fuel and related costs but he was then stunned to receive a letter saying that his expenses claim was "an attempted fraud and appropriately rejected", adding "Those who submitted and certified it should be ashamed of themselves."

To make matters worse, copies were sent to his colleagues which rightly caused Dr McMaster to become irate and convinced him to sue the university because it “injured his reputation and caused annoyance and embarrassment”.

A spokesman for Salford University commented : "The university has reached a settlement with Dr McMaster and we cannot comment on any outstanding grievance issues concerning him."

The case underlines the validity of emails in a court of justice and how sending one without proper vetting, especially when it is carbon-copied to a larger audience, can land organisations as respectable as a university in hot water.