Apple's iPhone Gets Pwnage 2.03 for Jailbreaking iPhone 2.0.2

In its attempt of addressing the soaring issues of call dropping and poor 3G reception with the iPhone, Apple's unofficial Dev Team (so they call themselves) has introduced the Pwnage version 2.0.3, which is said to extend support to iPhone/iPod software 2.0.2 5C1.

The tool helps in fixing various potential threats, including bugs and malware; however, the company hasn’t specified the exact type of bug that is being fixed by the application.

An analyst from Nomura Securities, Richard Windsor, asserted that the poor web reception and lower speeds of the iPhone are mainly due to a chip, from Infineon Technologies, placed in the device, which is causing these troubles, largely during the course of switching from 3G to 2G wireless networks.

The new Pwnage tool also comprises of new .de localization for German users, and an updated version of Installer .app beta, further, the update also offers an improved GUI, and has extended support for YouTube and BootNeuter application for its 2G iPhone.

Meanwhile, the Mac manufacturer has also addressed some of the issues in its MobileMe service, which has encountering problems for quite sometime, and has extended its free usage from 30 to 60 days.