Google Offers "Suggest" Feature On Main Search Page

In its effort to offer a more interactive and user-oriented search platform, Google would start providing real-time suggestions to the web searchers for their diverse search queries.

The service from the search engine behemoth would be termed as ‘Google Suggest’, and it would feature on the homepage of its search engine.

Although, the feature isn’t new to the internet fraternity, as we have already seen this feature in Firefox search box application, and the company’s own Google Map services, but indexing the entire web and providing relevant suggestions appears to be a challenging task.

The application is entirely based on the anticipation from the keywords entered in its search window, and offering pliable solutions to its millions of users.

The move seems to be in line with Microsoft’s recently announced ‘intent-based’ search procedure, which is said to provide the search results entirely based on user’s intent; further, this would also help Google in taking on the newly launched search engine website ‘Cuil’, by offering highly customized search solutions to its users.