International Space Station Laptop Infected By Earthly Malware

A virus known as W32.TGammima.AG has made it to the International Space station, 350 kilometers above our heads, last June according to a report released by the NASA.

It is not the first time that a virus has made it to the ISS but obviously, there's not much to be done up there in space especially as Windows computers - which is the platform on which the virus evolves - are quite rare up there.

The virus only copies itself to removable media (which Russian Astronauts use for photographic purposes) and steals passwords to online games and was first detected by Symantec back in August 2007.

Still the Russian computers which were infected come with Norton Anti Virus apparently and "are scanned quarterly for vulnerabilities using the latest industry standard security software."

Although all the content that is uploaded to the ISS is scanned, there are suggestions that it might have travelled onboard either through the ISS's intranet or via a removable storage device.