Long time coming – a new Microsoft Mobile Standard handset

HTC have been remiss of late with the simpler version of Microsoft Mobile. The announcement of the HTC S740 brings the moribund platform back into focus.

The S740 has some of the Touch Diamond glamour grafted onto it, so it’s a good looking handset.

With Mobile Standard 6.1, dual band HSDPA, WiFi, a 3.2 Mpx camera and an effective looking pull out keyboard should make it a competitor to the Nokia E71. Though this is unlikely.

There appears to be no enthusiasm for the Standard Mobile platform, with few networks actively pushing devices, where their main focus is Mobile Pro, Symbian and BlackBerry.
Developers have been caught out before trying to meet a market that existed for very few users; I don’t think this launch will change their minds.

iPhone 3G feature wish for the day
There was a brief glimmer of hope that third party cut and paste may have been possible. Unfortunately Apple’s 2.1 firmware breaks Zak White’s solution and replaces it with … nothing …?