Who can You turn to for Solutions to Data Storage Compliance Issues

Data Compliance seems to be a word on every business lips at the moment. With compliance legislation becoming more and more prevalent, it is something which businesses must take note of.

Procedures, policies and funding has to be implemented in many organisations to ensure that they act in accordance to the mass of regulations, standard and laws that have been put in place regarding Data Compliance.

Companies can face many risks and challenges when it comes to handling data; lost data and loss of public confidence cost companies and governments billions in revenue each year.

Data storage is a crucial element of compliance that needs to be considered by all businesses and organisations. Regulations are in place relating to the way in which data is stored, retrieved and managed and this can bear a heavy burden for any company.

Not surprisingly, data security has become a top priority amongst businesses. Companies provides secure and reliable data storage solutions and facilities, to help businesses achieve compliance in a number of ways.

Protecting Information
It is difficult to imagine how a business would cope if the worst happened. Incidents like fire, flood or even damage caused during a break-in can really spell disaster when it comes to loss of data.

Co-location facilities allow businesses to store important equipment in a safe and secure offsite environment.

Customers can control and monitor their servers with remote management tools either via the Internet or Virtual Private Network connections, and can rest assured that their data is safely stored and readily available.

Enforcing Security

Using an out-of-office location means that data can be kept safe and secure in a fully manned environment. It is important to secure customer servers behind firewalls, allowing access across the Internet to your data, via pre-defined policies or via secure encrypted Virtual Private Network connections.

Ensuring Recoverability

Data storage facilities provide offsite storage and back up facilities for businesses, minimising the risk of data loss. Fully manned facilities can even cater for connectivity during power cuts through means of a generator ensuring that valuable data cannot be lost or forgotten.

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