Advertising Worth GBP 6 billion To Telecom Companies by 2011

Advertising has turned out to be the major source of generating revenues for the Telecom Carriers across the globe, a research from the analyst firm Gartner revealed.

The industry is all set to generate revenues worth USD12 billion (roughly GBP 6 billion) by 2011, Gartner predicted, but the road ahead does not seem to be an easy walk for the telecom companies, and companies should dynamically adapt themselves to the changing advertising environs, the analyst firm stated.

Gartner’s Research Director, King-Yew Roong has asserted the need for differentiated approach for companies to align themselves with the dynamic advertising industry.

He further avowed the importance of the transformation for the companies as, “the advertising money is being pursued by their immediate telecom competitors, consumer device manufacturers, such as Nokia, and Internet-related companies, like Google Yahoo, etc.”

Relevant advertisements would help the companies in developing a bond with its customers, Roong added.

Further, Google snatched the top notch in mobile search category at the Future Mobile Awards, as declared by the IT analyst Juniper Research.