EU Human Rights Court Rejects McKinnon Appeal Against US Extradition

Gary McKinnon, who has been credited with the biggest military computer hack of all time, has seen his bid to fight extradition to the US crushed after the European Court of Human rights rejected his appeal.

Karen Todner, his lawyer, has announced that McKinnon will be extradited to the US by mid September and could possibly face up to 70 years in Jail if he is found guilty of breaking into military computers and causing thousands of pounds of damage by stealing passwords and logins.

His supporters say that his human rights could be breached in US Prisons; the self-taught hacker/systems analyst, who was apparently looking for proof of extra terrestrial life, suffers from Asperger's Syndrome.

Many have criticised the UK government for allowing the United States to dictate its rule in the Mckinnon affair, saying that he is no more than a scapegoat for an administration that has seen its own reputation being slandered over the past few years.

Two weeks ago, the European Court of Human Rights Agreed To Halt McKinnon's Extradition Process but this has now been overturned.

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