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Globalisation : How this trend has affected the way Vendors Interact with the Channel

The growth in globalisation has impacted on the type of relationships vendors have with their Channel.

There has been a marked shift in vendor/reseller relationships and this is due in part to a number of key factors such as the increased demand for distributed solutions, 24 x 7 support and the many corporate acquisitions that have taken place.

This has meant that multi lingual development is more prevalent and also many companies have created shared service models (Central repositories charging for services to operating companies in the same group).

Clearly, most of these points will affect the distribution, reseller and partner chain in particular the requirement for multi-lingual solution development.

It also requires the enabling network providers to take ownership of additional skills to ensure their solutions work in a more distributed manner and they have to be more conscious of the cost of ownership challenges when configuring solutions.

There has also been an increased focus on delivering industry specific benefits, which in turn requires more subject matter expertise by the channel providers.

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