Google Android Platform Misses Google Talk and Bluetooth Features

A Primary version of Google’s much touted mobile phone platform, Android SDK, has appeared on the web, with a couple of subtractions from its original menu.

The new version of Android SDK would be devoid of the Google Talk feature, instant messaging service from Google, and would exude restricted support to Bluetooth APIs, except for headsets.

Google accounted the deletion of the APIs by simply saying, “we plain ran out of time”; however, the company stated that the Google Talk services are eliminated citing the security issues, as it might disclose crucial details of its users, which they otherwise would keep confidential.

About the limited Bluetooth support, the company asserted that it needs to do some revamping before integrating the Bluetooth support fully with the application.

The first version of the Android based handsets may find it difficult to attract the users initially, however, subsequent updates in the application are pretty much expected from the company.