How to Improve your Effectiveness and Make the Most of Meeting Madness

Meeting madness - how can we make them more effective and cut down on the unnecessary company gatherings?

Who in business today hasn’t complained about meetings? There are too many, they’re too long, unproductive, and often boring. What we often fail to observe is the cost of meetings.

They are often called for the wrong reasons, by people who don’t necessarily know how to conduct them or don’t know how to keep conversations on track.

Often objectives are lost, the wrong people are invited, and if any conclusions are made, they are likely to not be useful or accurate.

If we calculate the cost of time preparing for, attending and conducting follow-up, meetings can cost organisations hundreds of millions of dollars, each year.

Can we eliminate meetings? No; meetings are a way to communicate with our employees, to collaborate with our colleagues, and to strengthen relationships within our teams.

But if we recognise their true cost, we can start applying more effective methods to drive better meeting outcomes.

A path to effective meetings and to ensure maximum productivity is to empower the facilitators by giving them a visual way to make their meetings meaningful and participatory.

Specially created dashboards, which can track the results of either a single meeting or an entire series of meetings, can be embedded into an overall project, providing access to information and decisions to the whole project team.

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