Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Introduces Private Browsing Functionality

The soaring popularity of Firefox browser, has caused Microsoft to bring upon necessary modifications in its very own internet browsing application, Internet Explorer, as the software behemoth has released the new “beta” test version of its Internet Explorer 8, with a range of user-friendly attributes.

The focal point of the new web browsing application is “user’s privacy”, as the browser offers shielding against tracing from the advertising companies to its users, while surfing the web, with its ‘InPrivateBrowsing’ feature that doesn’t let the list of sites getting stored on to their systems.

Apart from some privacy issues, the new browser doesn’t mark any significant deviation from its predecessor, Internet Explorer 7, and is compatible with both XP and Vista operating systems.

InPrivateBlocking feature of the browser allows its users in blocking the websites that track the surfing history of the user, and InPrivateSubscription would help users in deciding the suitable websites to subscribe with.

It further allows users to delete the browsing history, which would help users in checking the tracking activities remarkably; moreover, it has augmented the browser’s search options, by offering find-on-this-page content search feature.