Mac Clone Maker Psystar Countersues Apple over Licensing Policies

In its response to Apple’s lawsuit for manufacturing Mac replicas, Miami based Psystar, has strike back with a counter lawsuit over the Apple, accusing that the company’s licensing policies are not in line with the US anti-trust laws.

Psystar purported that Apple is violating the two fundamental anti-trust laws, namely, the Clayton Antitrust Law and the Sherman Antitrust Law, tailored to check the monopolistic practices in business, and stated that cramming Mac OS to Apple branded hardware only is “an anti competitive restrain of trade.”

Earlier, Apple has filed a complaint against Psystar for making Mac clones, and asked for complete withdrawal of the systems sold till July, as Apple’s licensing policy forbids users from running its Mac OS on generic systems.

Rudy Pedraza from Psystar stated that his company wants to enhance the accessibility of the Mac OS, by providing them on inexpensive hardware.

The case has taken interesting an turn with the counter suit, as it would decide the future of the companies making Mac clones, for providing cost-effective yet substandard accessibility to Mac systems.