Microsoft To Debut No-laser Blue LED Computer Mouse

Microsoft is readying a mouse that uses a blue LED rather than red lasers because the former can be used on a greater number of surfaces; this would mark the fourth great revolution in the way mice have evolved over the past few decades or so.

The German Amazon website showed a new Microsoft Explorer mini mouse with a novel "Blue Track" Technology and Microsoft has already announced an event schedule for the 9th of September entitled "Say goodbye to Laser".

The blue LED will be used in conjunction with wide-angle lenses to replace balls, optical red and laser mice in one swoop (although touchpads would still be there).

There are suggestions that the mouse will use Radio Frequency in lieu of Bluetooth for increased operating range.

The mouse itself is quite chubby but should fit in most hands, although it is a right handed (rather than a left handed) device.

Interestingly, rival company Logitech already has a Blue LED mouse on the market (available through HP) and there are countless DIY web pages on how to convert your red LED to a blue one.