Microsoft releases details of IE 8.0 Beta 2

I was amused to read this morning that Microsoft has officially released details of the Beta 2 edition of Internet Explorer 8.0, following "leaks" appearing all over t'Internet this week.

And you know what? I think Microsoft is learning from the likes of Opera and Firefox when it comes to offering features that punters are really after.

Functions such as Accelerators will reportedly give users easy access to the online services from any page they visit, whilst the Enhanced Search function makes it easier for users to find relevant content and increases the odds that search results will be relevant.

There's also a Smart Address Bar which matches what a user types in the address bar with titles in the history and an Enhanced 'Find on Page' facility that has been updated to improve how users search for words and text on Web pages.

As I reported earlier in the week, IE 8 has a number of safety tools to ensure that history, temporary Internet files and cookies are not being retained on a users' PC by the browser.

I'm impressed. Especially since Microsoft is allowing the great unwashed to download the 13MB beta 2 edition here...