Mozilla's Ubiquity Brings Back Command Line To The Browser

Mozilla’s endeavours of snatching some significant market share are quite apparent in its recent product releases, and in the same line, the company has rolled out its first working prototype of its Ubiquity application, which helps in combining data in the web browser.

The software is still in its nascent stages of development, and has some serious issues to be addressed; nonetheless, it exudes enormous potential in its prelude.

Ubiquity software would allow its users in interacting with the browser, and thereby assisting them in accessing a broad range of remotest services available on the internet, this would be done by configuring keyboard short-cuts to the applications, followed by typing instructions into it, and the software would provide the probable results, based on guesses.

The software lays strong emphasis on influencing the web content and related services, it performs the task based on user’s command, either directly or by manipulating the browser’s interface, further, it is also capable of launching separate tabs for the new web pages, or intimate the users through a notification pop-up.

Conclusively, the software works as an operating mash-up system, and aims to allow users in developing their own commands.