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Sex store sues LA County over Internet access

You want to hear something funny? A storm has broken out between a sex store owner and the Los Angeles council over the council's refusal to allow an Internet cafe-style licence to a sex store.

Even though the Deja Vu Love Boutique sells all manner of devices and things best kept out of the sight of small children (if you get my drift) the LA County is refusing it an Internet cafe-style licence.

Obviously you (and I) have a got a pretty good idea of what kind of stuff the store customers will be surfing t'Internet for, but that's not the point. It's petty.

So petty that the boutique's owners are taking the LA city council to court for "violating Deja Vu's free-speech rights under the federal and state constitutions" and of preventing its customers from gaining access, from the comfort of the sex-items shop, to all the wonders that the Internet has to offer.

According to the LA Times, the legal filing describes the Internet as a place that allows individuals to "access diverse sources of news, entertainment and huge data collections in a multitude of fields,
whether for purposes of personal enlightenment or mere amusement."

It also says that "Deja Vu as well as the public will suffer irreparable injury" if the store isn't given the permit.

I have my doubts.

Check out the report here for more amusing details... (opens in new tab)