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What's the point of Nokia's N96?

From its announcement in February, Nokia's N96 has been a drawn out pre-launch.

The N96 was set to take over the top spot from the N95 8GB and compete in the media stakes with Apples iPhone 3G.

Yet apple's launch has been and gone, we have had the N82 and 6220 competing on the imaging stakes with their Xenon flash; and now Nokia has launched the N85.

FM transmitter, low power high contrast screen, Navi wheel, tri band HSDPA, all are the N85's advances on the forthcoming N96.

The N85 even has the N96's dual slide. To compete the N96 has 16GB of internal memory (well microSD cards are cheap enough alternative now) and a DVB-H TV receiver (few countries broadcast TV using this standard).

On paper at least, Nokia have deposed the N96 before it even shipped.

iPhone 3G feature wish for the day

Push notification for third party applications appears to have been delayed from the forthcoming 2.1 firmware release. Why was it even necessary? All Apple needed was true multitasking for third party apps.