Gold'en Rant : Why Did The UK Government Fail To Back Gary McKinnon?

So Gary McKinnon, the UFO hacker, has lost his final appeal to the European Court of Human Rights and will be extradited to President Bushland some time during September.

This legal crap makes my blood boil. You can mow down a kid in your car and get off with a fine or suspended sentence. But hack into a US set of computers and you're dead in the water. Truly.

The UK government has done absolutely nothing to help Gary. Meanwhile our foreign secretary - baby-face Milliband - is busy flying to the Ukraine to make a pointless gesture against Russia.

Concentrate on what is happening with your own citizen Mr Milliband!

Graham Cluley, senior security consultant with Sophos, summed things up in his statement made yesterday:

"The message is clear - if you hack into computers you have to realise that the legal consequences could be severe. Others should take note of McKinnon's predicament and ask themselves: do I want to end up in his situation? I'd imagine the answer across the board would be a resounding no."

I'm really very, very, VERY angry about the McKinnon case. It's been badly handled from beginning to end. The Yanks will now get their xenophobic and misanthropic legal paws on a Brit and the UK government has done Jack for him.

I'm beginning to understand how Russia feels when it sees the Yanks swaggering around the Baltics. I hope the Yanks get their nose bloodied in the Baltics. It will serve them right for being the overbearing, hypocritical nation they are...

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