Philips Brings Finally Brings Throws Out LCD, Brings in LED with LED LUX

Dutch Firm Philips has rolled out its next generation 9800 series of LCD TVs, termed LED LUX, employing the LED technology to offer unmatched viewing experience to its users.

Tagged as “pure performance”, the new series is all set to rock your living room with the new LED backlighting, instead of the conventional CCFL backlighting, common in its previous LCD TVs, as it is sported with 128 lighting segments, arranged in 8 rows with 16 segments each, that can be manipulated discretely, as against the 16 lamps in its traditional LCD TVs, which would definitely sway the black admirers with its enhanced black levels.

LED LUX has an impressive dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1, and delivers unsurpassed picture quality, owing to Philips Perfect Pixel HD engine that processes a whopping 500 million pixels per second.

The first to come out from the series is its 42” inch 42PFL9803, which is sported with 34mm thick aluminium bezel, and featured with 4 HDMI ports, for Blu-ray player and other frontier consoles.

Further, the new series won’t consume much power, and the installed LEDs are claimed to save as much as 45 percent power than traditional bulbs.