Holiday Inn - super prices, forget the WiFi...

Stayed over in the Holiday Inn in Runcorn last night and, whilst I got an excellent value for money room by booking ages in advance - thus saving me having to put up with Travelodge (even if Lenny Henry seems to love the chain) - I wasn't impressed with the in-room WiFi.

Mainly because there wasn't any. Instead, they had some bizarre hybrid Ethernet-over-coaxial feed that terminated in a standard Ethernet socket.

A colleague was unimpressed to find, after signing up for a 24-hour session at 15 quid a pop, the i-Bahn service whirred along at a steady 200 Kbps.

I thought I was going to escape paying for the service, as i-Bahn is a roaming service partner for BT Openzone but - you guessed - it's a non-standard login, so my shiny new BT Openzone login didn't work.

So I whipped out my trusty Three 3G broadband modem and was impressed to discover that, even four miles out of Runcorn, I got a steady 1.2 Mbps - six times faster than the woefully wheezy and ultra-expensive i-Bahn service.

Frankly I wouldn't have minded paying a few quid for Ethernet access to the Net, as my office VPN works a lot better across Ethernet thanks to the lack of (mobile broadband) packet latency, but 15 notes for 24 hours is well OTT in pricing terms.

Which is what I said in the Holiday Inn satisfaction questionnaire...