Intel Buys Mobile Linux Startup Openedhand; All eyes now on Microsoft

Intel, The hardware partner of the the famed and feared Wintel alliance, has acquired Opened hand, a UK based mobile Linux developer which will now be joining Intel's Open Source Technology Center and help Intel focus on the development of Moblin, Intel's Linux Stack for its popular Atom Processor range.

Details of the purchase haven't been disclosed but the chip-maker has already announced that it will still be supporting ongoing Openedhand projects such as the GUI-maker Clutter as well as Matchbox, which is an X-Window solution.

The firm has been working previously for the One Laptop Per Child project, Nokia - as used in Nokia's own N800 Internet Tablets - and Intel and has been an important partner in the Gnome project.

Now, you can be sure that Microsoft is fuming at Intel's decision as its former best pal courts Linux and Open source community and looks increasingly set to sideline Microsoft altogether in the Netbook market.

Nokia bought Linux Specialist Trolltech earlier this year and also owns Symbian, the most popular mobile platform around.