Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 : The first mobile phone yoyo

According to The Register and several other news-boards, Sony Ericsson has delayed the launch of the Xperia X1 again.

Since its launch the Xperia was supposed to launch in September then it was delayed until 2009, back to September/October now it’s out to January 2009. Perhaps it can do a few loops around 2010 as well.

This is the same problem as the P990i which by the time it got out of kindergarten was already into middle age. Yet HTC and Samsung have launched their respective Omnia i900 (on Orange) and Touch Pro, both with comparable or better spec, and more pointedly both using Windows Mobile 6.1.

Those that have seen the Xperia are very impressed, but by the time they can buy it the 8Mpx Symbian monsters will have hit the market making the Xperia very much last years technology.

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