US Cybercriminals Swamp UK With Forged US Bank Cards

BBC investigation team has exposed an imminent cyber attack on the check-out systems in UK supermarkets, which would involve using compromised credit and debit cards of US based bank accounts, to make illicit purchases across UK.

Various supply-store chains including, Asda and Tesco, are under threat, the investigation team stated, and the cybercrooks would prefer buying valuables, rather than purchasing groceries, and would preferably indulge in purchases involving “cash back” transactions.

It is claimed that as many as 2,300 cloned cards are there in the market, and the criminals are looking forward to drain out the entire accounts through purchases in UK.

However, cloning UK based cards is a pretty tough ask, as it supports “Chip and PIN” facilities, unlike the vulnerable “magnetic-strip” support, which is being widely employed in US.

The staffs at the self-service check-out systems hardly track the counterfeit cards, and hence, turned out as a prime target for these cyber frauds.

All of the UK’s supply store have now become more attentive after the disclosure from BBC, and have buckled up in their own ways to counter these frauds effectively