BGP exploit potentially catastrophic for the Internet

Interesting to read that a security flaw on t'Internet - demonstrated at last month's Defcon even in Las Vegas - is now being viewed as potentially catastrophic for the Net.

According to Jason Lee Miller's column over on Security Pro News, the BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) flaw could be big trouble as the IP hi-jack demonstrated by Tony Kapela and Alex Pilosov at Defcon 2008 highlights the "honour" system of Internet routing.

What I find amazing is that Miller asserts that ISPs and governments have known about the hypothetical BGP security flaw for some time but have not got around to upgrading routers on the Net owing to the costs involved.

"Well, not so hypothetical anymore and it sounds like ISPs might want to think about getting around to it," said Miller, adding that it does make it easier for the NSA to snoop on all that Internet traffic.

Unfortunately for us all, I think he's right there...