Executing and controlling projects efficiently take innovation

Once your project plans are completed and approved, it will continue along parallel tracks of project execution and project control mechanisms.

As project execution includes the work needed to create the project deliverables by the team members, then project control consists of all the activities that measure progress, assuring that work is done according to schedule and specification.

Deviations from the plan require corrective action and change requests need to be systematically approved. Once change requests have been approved, the project baseline needs to be updated and the changes communicated to the project team.

In addition to tracking and updating tasks, project teams can take a number of steps to improve project control. One of the most effective ways is to create a ‘project portal’ which allows team members to quickly locate project data from a single point of access, track status and stay aligned.

A project is not over until the team completes a thorough closing process. While the project deliverable may already be in the hands of your customer, there is the unfinished business of gathering key lessons and preserving the project data for future reference.

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