Google's Browser Shows Giant's Thinking About Third Way

What do you do when you can't get the toy you want... If you're Google, with deep pockets, you just get a team of super developers to do it for you in record time and shove it down the throat of your rivals so fast, they won't know what hit them.

No one was expecting Google to release Chrome that quickly and many rumours of a potential Google browser have long been dismissed as non existent.

But the truth is that, browsers - both Internet Explorer and Firefox - have long been Google's main stumbling block with their Single threaded-ness approach and their inherent ability to mess up with memory management.

Interestingly, Google is also adopting an approach that it pioneered with Android, the duality of being both opened and closed at the same time.

Android is open source material but has been criticised for being rather close and opaque to external developers; same thing for Chrome, the project has been hidden away for months and shrouded in cloak of secrecy, and now Google says that it is open sourcing it.

In effect, Google's way of doing things might represent the third way, a path between the two radical approaches from the open source community and the all out capitalistic approach ditched out by Microsoft.

Although it is all about the money, Google seems to be hell-bent on respecting the motto it spelt out since day one... "Don't be evil".