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Nokia "Comes with Music" Launched in UK Through Carphone Warehouse

Nokia wants a share of Apple's iTunes market and has launched its new venture called "Comes with Music" through Carphone Warehouse which incidentally is the iPhone's sole independent seller.

"Comes with Music" allows customers to download tracks from a catalogue of 2.1 million songs and keep them for one whole year.

Should they want to keep the music after the first year, they will have to purchase a new phone and transfer the tracks to it - Digital Rights Management is kept to a strict minimum with no minimum subscription time.

Universal, Sony BMG and Warner Music Group have already given their approval to Nokia's scheme; EMI and many other independent labels have yet to say yes.

The first phone to benefit from this scheme will be the rather old and clunky Nokia 5310 which is already on offer, albeit at an unsubsidised price.

Nokia, which sold nearly 150 million phones in 2007, has not revealed whether it plans to offer more expensive, subsidised phones at a later stage, although it is interesting to know that Carpphone Warehouse's exclusivity deal is restricted to the 5310.

iTunes could potentially follow suit although this will hurt Apple's bottom line and overall profitability.