Surprise! Google Chrome Browser Poses Serious Threat To Firefox, Internet Explorer

Today is The day that Google will launch its brand new Chrome Browser which it presents as a "fresh take" on the whole browser thing, with particular emphasis on Web Applications.

Chrome will be a particularly tough competitor for Internet Explorer, Firefox and to a lesser extent Opera and Safari.

And what better way for Google to present its project than through a .... comic book which you can read here.

The browser is based on Web-kit, an open source rendering engine which impressed the guys at Google by how fast it was. Interestingly, it was the Google Android team which advised them on how good web-kit is.

Chrome introduces some ground-breaking measure in a bid to tackle memory issues that many (including here at encounter on an everyday basis.

Memory management for example is said to be much better, it is much better to track down and eliminate tasks, websites or plugins that might be causing problems in the first place.

Then there's the concept of multi-threaded browsing which truly allows the browser to handle multiple processes without bringing down the whole browser.

In effect, the browser mimics modern operating systems as the online comic book indicates.

Chrome will be released as a beta for Windows computers in 100 countries (and in many languages) later today.

We will be exploring the potential impact of Google's Chrome on the world of Technology later today and will be reporting on how it can change the way things are done.