Survey Shows That UK Email Customers Do Not Know That Their Inboxes Are Scanned

Four in every ten UK Email Users are not aware of the fact that their private emails are scanned by their free email service providers, for the sake of discovering specific keywords, for the purpose of targeted advertising, a study from free email service provider GMX revealed.

The study named ‘Attitudes to Email’ involved 1,800 UK respondents, has also stated that 40 percent of the users are apprehensive about the scanning practice, and 33 percent advocated for an ‘opt-out’ feature from the service providers, further, 18 percent of them that they aren’t bothered by the practice, and 2 percent feel that the scanning is necessary for them.

The research also disclosed that most of the UK users operate two free email accounts on an average, and considers the free scanning as their fees to the service providers.

Eva Heil, GMX’s Managing Director, stated that the concerns of the Britons about the scanning for advertising purposes, are quite blatant, and every user must be aware of it.