Commodore Joins Netbook Segment with Grandson of C64

Commodore has also joined the league of netbook manufacturers with its all new addition to the segment in the guise of new UMMD 8010/F, here at IFA fair in Berlin.

Except for its cool retro looks, the device has very little to offer to the users of this segment, as it entails some common and regular features.

The device sports 80GB hard drive, with 1GB RAM, and offers support to 802.11 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, further, it also includes 10-inch wide screen display and a1.3-megapixel webcam.

The netbook runs on Windows XP, and has a built-in 1.6GHz Via C7-M processor; moreover, it also supports VGA output and boasts of three USB ports in it, and the device will be available in various colours like black, grey, pink and white.

With the price tag of USD600, the company charges too much for this middling device, and with the unjust demand for ordinary features, the device hardly exhibits any promising future.

Question is when Amstrad, Sinclair and Amiga will release their Netbooks.