Credit/Debit card bully boys squash RFID security expose

My thanks to the BitTech newswire for publicising an interesting YouTube posting from this summer's 2600/HOPE hacker conference in which Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame revealed what a set of bully boys the credit and debit card companies are.

It seems the Discovery Channel was prepping a documentary to expose how insecure RFID-enabled cards are - Misa and VasterCard are busy rolling out their e-wallet cards worldwide at the moment - but Adam revealed that almost all of the card companies ganged up on the channel's researchers to squash the programme.

It seems that the card issuers basically threatened the programme makers - and the researchers taking part in the show - with a tidal wave of legal stuff a mile high.

And the channel axed the programme.


Don't take my word for it - check out the YouTube presentation here.

The Internet reveals all. Misa/Amecks PR departments please note...