Gary McKinnon Appeals To Home Secretary In Last Ditch Attempt Against US Extradition

Gary McKinnon’s lawyers have appealed the UK Home Secretary to make sure that he must not jailed in US, as the hacker may face a severe 70 years sentence with millions of pounds as penalty in US, for breaking into NASA’s 97 computer system.

The hacker has already lost his appeal against the extradition, last month and is said to face rigorous imprisonment for the rest of his life in US; further, his lawyers have argued that McKinnon’s civil rights would be breached if he doesn’t come back to UK after the trial and the Home Office said that the appeal is under consideration.

Earlier, Gary McKinnon has surrendered against the authorities and admitted the allegation of breaking NASA’s security, but for acquiring information about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), and he accredited his success to certain critical lacunae in its security.

McKinnon’s lawyer, Karen Todner has opined that if his extradition appeal gets approval then she is looking forward for a diplomatic assurance from the government, which would allow McKinnon to serve the sentence years in UK.