GNU's 25th Anniversary Sees Free Software Coming of Age

Speaking at the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the GNU, Marc Fleury, who is accredited for creating the renowned professional open source software firm, JBoss, has backed the proposition of “free software” licensing.

Fleury’s statement came after Sun’s decision of releasing Java under the General Public License (GPL) from GNU and he stated that GPL offer mutual benefits to both the industry and client, as GPL holds a strong concept of ‘intellectual property’, and simultaneously it would help Sun to gain profits from adopting dual licensing module.

However, he holds that IBM has assumed pessimistic attitude towards Sun’s declaration, as IBM adopts the “strip mining” methodology, which implies manipulating codes of the free software for personalised gains without any intent of feeding the changed codes back to the industry.

GPL was introduced to restrict strip mining in IT industry, which is implicitly responsible for rising prices of the software, as most of the key IT players use strip mining for minting money through open source platforms, as most of them fetch the software from the open source and make proprietary benefits by branding those acquired software.