The Inspiron 910 : Dell's new Netbook Arrives Tomorrow

The Inspiron 910, Dell's most anticipated laptop for some time, will be launched tomorrow according to a leaked info from, an online storage company which is expected to partner with the Austin-based company.

The mini-laptop is set to appear in the small office/home office product range rather than the more business oriented Vostro but yet, depending on customer feedback, it could potentially find itself in the same league as the Vostro 1310 for example or the exclusive Dell Latitude range.

All features and rumours point to the fact that the Inspiron 910 will heavily lean towards online web services like Facebook or and will carry a price tag of USD400 (probably nearer to the £275 price range for us poor Brits). Expect the Inspiron 910 to come with an Intel Atom processor, 1GB memory, a 9-inch screen, Wi-Fi support, a webcam, a 16GB Solid State drive and a slim 1kg frame.

No-frills, ultra cheap, ultra portable laptops are currently amongst the hottest devices around and with the advent of cheap wireless broadband and almost free web services, are bound to become pervasive.

Many manufacturers (including almost all tier-1 laptop makers) have released Netbooks but Dell was the most eagerly awaited as its laptops tend to be the cheapest on the market. Research firm Gartner expects more than 13 million of those devices to be sold by December 2009 with this number going up to 50 million by 2012.